Celebrate Halloween in Aurora

Halloween in AuroraCelebrating Halloween in Aurora can be tricky this year, but with a bit of creativity, you can have a fun and safe Halloween. These fun ideas will get you in the spirit.

Make Your Own Treat Bag

If your trick-or-treaters can’t go door to door this year, give them a boo bag instead. Have the whole family gather to decorate their bag. Have them leave the bag out at night and fill it up with treats while they sleep to open on Halloween day.

Host a Remote Pumpkin Carving Contest

Use Zoom to call friends and family and have each member carve up a pumpkin or present a pumpkin they have carved prior to the party. Have everyone vote for the best pumpkin, then treat the winner to a gift card or send them a treat bag.

Play Spooktacular Games

Bring out the game clue or try some fun Halloween games at your Aurora apartment. Dangle donuts on a string to see who can eat one without using their hands. Alternatively, you can try a marshmallow-ghost toss by throwing marshmallows into different sized bowls for points.

Go on a Halloween Walk

There is something fun about going for a walk on All Hallows’ Eve. Bundle up, bring glow sticks or flashlights and enjoy the crunch of leaves under your feet or the brightly decorated homes in your neighborhood.

Decorate Your Apartment

Decorate your apartment at Kirkland Crossing in Aurora with Halloween themed pillows. You can also add stretchy cobwebs to mantels, doorways, and shelves. Pipe cleaners make spooky spiders and candy corn in a glass container adds whimsy. A grape vine wreath painted black is the perfect backdrop for white ghosts made of construction paper.

These fun tips and ideas will make celebrating Halloween in Aurora a memorable and Spooktacular experience. Watch out for ghosts and goblins! Boo!