Working Remotely: How to Handle the Change

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Replaced the work cubicle with a home environment recently? Staying indoors while working remotely can seem stressful if you go in without a gameplan. Here are some helpful tips on how to take charge of your new remote work journey here at The Apartments at Kirkland Crossing!


Curate Your Own Home Office Space


Working from home makes it easy to work from anywhere, but some places are better than others. Instead of getting too comfy in bed and risking your productivity, set up a dedicated home office space! Consider placing your workstation near a sunny window for a gorgeous view of Aurora while you work on your daily duties. Here are some more tips on how to get your home office organized.


Stick to a Routine Remote Work Schedule


Now that you don’t have to commute anymore, it can be easy to let your regular routine slip. However, maintaining a regular schedule while working from home helps to keep you grounded and structured. Wake up and end the days at the same time, get dressed, and keep a planner going. These simple behaviors will help you stay motivated and on top of your daily tasks in the workplace and in general.


Remember to Take Healthy Breaks


While some may struggle with finding motivation while working remotely, others may find it difficult not to overwork themselves! Keep yourself in check by establishing a healthy break schedule during your shift. Get up to stretch with strengthening yoga poses, take your full lunch hour, everything you need to keep yourself refreshed. And if you’re working from a laptop or desktop, stay on top of the 20-20-20 break routine; that way, you combat eye strain from staring at harsh blue light from those screens.


You can make your work from home routine breezy by adopting these suggestions! How are you planning on tackling your remote work routine? Let us know in the comments!