National Ice Cream Month: How to Celebrate!

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You look like you deserve a treat. At the end of every busy day, nothing hits the spot quite like a sweet serving of ice cream. This National Ice Cream Month, we celebrate the simple pleasure that is ice cream, and all its varied forms. Read on for the full scoop on this timeless and toothsome dessert!

Ice Cream Types for Every Taste

When you think of ice cream, different pictures may come to mind. Of course, we’re all very familiar with its most famous form: sweetened dairy milk or cream frozen and churned to creamy perfection. But there are different types of sweet goodness for every taste palate! Gelato ups the richness of standard ice cream with the addition of eggs to the mix. Sorbet omits milk altogether and is made up of sweetened water flavored with juices, honey, or other flavor-filled ingredients. And frozen yogurt is sweetened and flavored yogurt, which is lower-fat than ice cream and provides active cultures that are great for healthy digestion. No matter your dietary restrictions, there’s a frozen treat out there for you!

Customize Your Own At-Home Ice Cream

Even with all these types of ice creams available at your average grocery, there’s joy in creating your own frozen treat. If you’re feeling crafty, you can DIY ice cream here at home! Kids and children at heart will love this simple recipe you can make in the kitchen with ease. This Delish recipe is a great starter that you can customize to your heart’s content. Consider adding fun flavor bombs like caramel and chocolate syrup to dress up your at-home ice cream, or a few edible flowers for an Instagram-worthy serving. The options are endless!

Enjoy Local Ice Cream in Aurora, IL

As a new resident of The Apartments at Kirkland Crossing, you’ve joined a vibrant community that has a sweet spot for ice cream too! Aurora, IL has a ton of creameries to explore. Batavia Creamery here in town has operated since 2006 and rotates over 150 amazing ice cream flavors. And with ice cream cakes and tasty smoothies also on the menu, Batavia is sure to satisfy your sugar cravings. Check out their Facebook page for the latest menu updates and store operating hours. 

We hope you celebrate National Ice Cream Month with a smile! What frozen treat are you planning to eat this month? Let us know in the comments!