Smart Tips for Tackling Back to School

School supplies for the prospective student

Whether you have kids in school or are a student yourself, the fall session is just around the corner. Knowing which studying tips work for you is necessary for making the grade! Here are some ways to make sure you’re prepared for anything when returning to school.

Staying on Top of Studying & Homework

Let’s face it, endless lectures for a large chunk of the day can tire someone out. Once the drudgery of a school day is over, it’s no surprise: students will nap, play video games, and generally avoid homework until the last possible minute. Going in with a homework plan for the school week can help to hold you accountable for finishing those assignments! If you’re a parent of a child in school, sit down with them on Sunday before class the next morning and help create a schedule for them. Providing a set timeframe for homework, such as starting assignments an hour after the school day, will allow for time to decompress from class while creating a routine. If you’re in college, consider getting a customizable planner to pencil in your study sessions throughout the week. After that, let a close friend in on your schedule to help you stay on top. Better yet, become a dynamic duo and uphold great studying tips together!

The Best in Modern School Supplies

Whether in the physical classroom or online courses, students are going to need the best school supplies to tackle the day. If you do most of your schoolwork on your laptop, be sure to grab a pair of high-quality wireless earbuds. Going wireless also allows for ease of movement while you work. This pastel blue pair will be a lifesaver during those extra-long courses! And for elementary school and college-level students alike, check out Smencils. These pencils offer a sustainable option in school supplies; they’re made from recycled newspaper and come in recyclable packaging. Plus, Smencils come in delightful scents like bubble gum and root beer! They’re sure to put a smile on your face when you’re working on that math assignment.

Putting the “Home” in Homework

Part of finding the right place to study is being in an environment that helps, not hinders, your focus. If it’s difficult for you or your child to study at home in their room, try moving the home office to a new location! Here at The Apartments at Kirkland Crossing, there are a number of peaceful places to sit and work in peace. The courtyard area offers fresh air and private seating, perfect for getting those textbook chapters in. Need wifi access? Kirkland Crossing’s business center provides more traditional office space for study sessions.